Widths available:    8" up to 120" wide

Lengths available:  As requested.

Openings available:   
                                2.00"  spiral pitch
                                1.50"  spiral pitch
                                1.00"  spiral pitch

​Edges available:  We offer welded, knuckled and laddered.

If you've purchased an original equipment shot blast machine and it's time for your belt to be replaced, contact us for a price quotation.  As the belt manufacturer we're able to keep our cost levels down for resale and for end users.

We stock 4 gauge manganese wire for our customers.   We offer expedited lead times in those cases where you need it fast!  All of our belt manufacturing is done at our manufacturing facility in Feasterville, PA.    We ship our belting worldwide and will securely export package your belt to withstand the shipping process.

"Manufacturing Conveyor Belting Since 1884"
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Ph:  (215) 364-5451
Welded edge depicted above.  Also available laddered and knuckled edges..
Our balance weave shot blast belts are made of woven wire mesh of manganese steel for the continuous blast process.

Our manganese Balance Conveyor Belts are excellent for Blast processes. They provide an open mesh where many part sizes and shapes can be blasted. Woven wire conveyor belts allow the work pieces to be blasted from above and below at the same time Excellent for deburring, shot peening, de-scaling, rust removal and cleaning of castings and parts
Audubon Woven Wire Metal Belts