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Procedures for successful Conveyor Belt Travel
Adjust terminal rolls and snub rolls
Terminal rolls must be adjusted to be level and parallel to each other. They must be at right angles to the centerline of the conveyor.  To check parallel alignment, the shaft centers of the terminal rolls should be measured along each edge of the conveyor.  If the center distances are not equal, the shafts should be adjusted accordingly.  To check the squareness of the centerline, the diagonals must be measured.  The diagonals are measured by finding the distance from one side of the charge terminal roll to the opposite side of the discharge terminal roll.  If the diagonals are not equal, the bearings of each terminal roll shaft must be adjusted forward or backward until the parallel and diagonal measurements are equal.

Align Support Rolls
After the terminal rolls have been properly adjusted, they should be used as reference points for properly locating all other support rolls.  All support rolls must be level and at right angles to the centerline before running the conveyor belt.

Side Travel
Side travel is "when the belt constantly moves to one side."  To correct side travel, the support rolls should be adjusted a measured distance forward in the direction where belt side travel is noted.  It is important to keep in mind that slight adjustments on all support rollers are more effective than large adjustements on a few rollers.  After these adjustments have been completed, the conveyor belt should be cycled two or three more times before additional adjustments are made (providing they are necessary).  It's important to note at this point that side travel should not be corrected by adjusting the terminal drums or snub rolls.  THIS COULD PERMENANTLY STRETCH THE BELT.

Belt Guiding Devices
The conveyor guiding device should be located approximately three belt widths from terminal rolls shaft centers.  The guiding device on the discharge end should be located on the top side, while the guiding devices must be centered and must be at right angles to the centerline of the conveyor.  After proper roll adjustments have been made and the belt has been properly positioned, and overall distance of approximately 1/4" should be permitted between vertical guide rolls and the conveyor belt.
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