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Tracking Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts
Tracking wire mesh conveyor belts is relatiively simple when the proper procedures are used.  The important single principle is that a wire mesh belt always tracks in a direction perpendicular to the support rolls over which it passes.  To track the belt in a particular direction, it is only necessary to skew the support rolls in the desired direction.  Do not track the conveyor belt by moving the terminal rolls.

1. Make certain the conveyor unit has been carefully aligned.
2. Place at least one mark on the belt, to serve as a reference point in tracking adjustments.  If desired, a
   series of numbers may be marked on the belt at regular intervals.
3. Run the belt for several complete revolutions and on each revolution measure the lateral position of the
   reference intervals.
4. Adjust the support rolls on the return pass to track the belt in the desired direction.
5. Continue checking the lateral position of the reference point and making adjustments until the belt comes
   on the charge roll consistently in the proper position.  At this point, the belt is tracking in a repeating pattern.
6. Check the lateral position of the belt on the discharge roll and if it is satisfactory, tracking is complete.
7. If the lateral position on the discharge roll is not satisfactory it will be necessary to adjust the top pass support
  rolls until the conveyor belt is positioned properly on the discharge roll.  In this case, it is necessary to re-zero
  the position of the belt on the charge roll to complete tracking.

Care of the Conveyor Belt:
Proper care will assure a long and satisfactory service live for the mesh belt.  Audubon belts operating at room temperature under non-corrosive conditions rarely are out.  In fact, with practically all installations, the service life of the belt is heavily predicated by the care given it.

One of the most important single factors is to make certain the belt tracks satisfactorily so the selvage is not
damaged, related to this is the installation of alarm equipment to warn if tracking passes beyond predetermined limits.

Many other factors go into the care of the belt.  Most of them however are simply matters of 'good maintenance'.
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