AUDUBON Furnace Curtains...
Audubon Furnace Curtains will protect the exit of a continuous metal treating furnace or oven against heat loss.  Flexible curtains of  tightly woven stainless steel mesh high temperature alloys are available  to fit openings of virtually any height or width. 

Curtains are manufactured as a series of panels to fit your opening.  Each panel can be equipped with hangers or loops so that the curtains can be readly bolted to the top of the furnace opening.  A slight separation is provided between each curtain so that the panels hang free and independent of each other.

As product enters and exits  the heat chamber, it swings the flexible furnace curtain panels upward to allow the product to move through with ease and will close off the opening immediatley after the pass. Only the panels that come in contact with the product are affected. All the other panels continue hanging vertically. This insures that the exit is never opened any more than necessary to discharge treated parts.  Nor is the opening left open any longer than necessary.  As work leaves the furnace, the curtain panels swing back to a vertical position.

In many applications, these curtains will provide advantages that would never be obtained with doors or other types of furnace curtains.   There are no mechanical or electrical devices to cause any operational or maintenance problems.

Furnace curtains are readily available to fit you custom application.  Call our Engineering or Sales department for a quotation.

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